The word “no” was seldom said to Gary-

Now I say it a lot & he is not merry!

Anything with numbers is not his cup of tea-

The time, the score, or bills galore – he depends on me!

He bites his fingers & picks his skin-

Says he doesn’t do it, I just can’t win!

He argues & explodes over everything I say-

It used to be once a week-now it’s every day!

He forgets his pills & sometimes takes mine-

Says it’s all my fault & he’s just fine!

He lost his Dad & that makes him sad-

 I got skin cancer & that makes him mad!

He seems to play bumper cars & backs into things-

I get one fixed & there are suddenly more dings!

He bounces & kicks & cries out in the night-

I wake with a start-he gives me such a fright!

He wears the same shirt – day after days-

He doesn’t seem to mind when out to golf he plays!

Coaxing & cajoling – I pretend things are great-

But from my point of view, he is not my same mate!

I pray for the Lord to protect him for many daze-

And for me I need HIS guidance through this our life’s bizarre maze!!