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There will be clouds in our lives-they come & they go-

Where do they come from, we do not know!

Sometimes they part & there is a window of Light-

That is the Lord peeking through to handle our fight!

Some are fluffy & want to play-

Others are angry & want to stay!

Storms creep in & rain on our heads-

Behind dark clouds comes the Son to chase away dread!

The Light is always there & never leaves our side-

If we just trust our Lord-in Him we shall abide.

Sometimes it pours & then comes the flood-

But we are saved because of His shedding of blood.

The threat of hurricanes come & then out to sea they go-

This is the time to be thankful that all is not snow!

Our lives are circles of whirlwind crisis & calm-

We can depend on our Lord to hold us always in His palm!!