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He wears the same undies-day after day-

He can’t dress himself so with him I stay.

He tends to spill both food & drink-

Now he eats bread with a fork-does he think?

He walks 10 feet behind me-at a very slow pace-

He thinks there are steps & it is just regular space.

I sit  & step in tinkle- I guess he can’t see-

He sometimes shaves in the kitchen where he should not be!

We sleep with lights on-he is up 2-3 times a night-

This caregiving is 24/7-sometimes I want to take flight!

He no longer plays golf, he sold his beloved boat to our son-

He doesn’t attend Rotary, nor hardly goes for a run.

He doesn’t always make sense, his words are a jumble-

He talks to himself, he surely does mumble.

I’ve hired caregivers & at home he refuses to stay-

He runs out the door & from home he does stray.

He should have water, but he refuses to drink-

When I give it to him, he just gives me a wink?

He asks me a question- I give him my reply-

Then he does the opposite, why do I try?

His primary care doctor calls him a “tough cookie”

I think life’s a nightmare, but I’m a caregiver rookie!

Florida is his mistress-from there he won’t roam-

He likes to walk the beaches & watch the seafoam!

He sits on the porch & watches the ocean-

And looks at the birds flying in motion!

He is always with me-he sticks to me like glue-

We should call him “Elmer”- he is now part of my crew!!!!

Signed   –   FiFI    (FInd It Fix It  !!!!!)