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He is with me every minute of every day-

And from my side he will not stray!

Do I like this – no not much-

I want to run, but I’d need a crutch!

I know he is frustrated, he tries to be sweet-

But he has so many needs, I really can’t meet!

Needs to be met – right now says he-

I can try & try but sometimes I want to flee!

I’m tired of trying to please him, day after day-

Whatever I do he complains all the way!

Now I know why Maya Angelou’s – “Caged Bird Sings”

It just happens to be Gary whose pulling my strings!

Day after day- all day long-

I’m going to have to learn to sing my own song!

He follows me from room to room-

My entire life he does consume!

Sometimes I stay up late, through the TV channels I sift-

It’s the only time that’s mine & that’s a real gift!

Please Lord, teach me to stay fresh & be kind-

That’s the only way, I won’t loose my mind!!