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He follows me around whatever I do-

If I’m doing the dishes or tying my shoe!

When I go to the doctor he is right by my side-

When I had a mammogram I wanted to hide!

The grocery store is something else with Gary-

It is truly an adventure & not very merry!

He insists on pushing the cart- right into my behind-

Sometimes I think he’ll drive me out of my mind!

He thinks he is following me with the cart-

But ends up following another lady- now that’s not smart!

He questions everything I buy- do we really NEED that?

Unless, of course, it’s his favorite – raspberry sticks with fat!

As we go thru the check out stand – to the front of the stand he will go-

Leaving me to unload all the groceries – then I am very slow!

Standing impatiently he challenges the bagger – does he know how?

He tries to put the bags back on the counter & sometimes causes a row!

When grasping a bag he grabs it around the top-

Slipping through his fingers, out the contents drop!

We arrive home & usually some item has gone astray-

We’ve driven 20 miles back to the store & on the counter it will lay!!!

He really does try to help me all that he can-

He asks-“can I help?” But does not follow the plan.

My shadow & me – after 53 years we still pledge each other-

For better or worse – but now he is more like my brother.