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I pack the night before, not telling him see what I am about to pack-

If he sees his full suitcase, he takes some items out & others he puts back!!

Traveling is a challenge – to say the least-

He goes through the TSA, acting like a beast!

He won’t give up his handkerchief, wallet or phone-

The taking off of his belt just makes him want to moan!

Walking through the visual image he only seems to offend-

He can’t follow their directions & now can’t fly without a friend!

As we enter the plane he’s confused & can’t find his seat-

Once we’ve settled down- fastening his seat belt is not a treat!

If he needs to use the restroom, he gets up no matter what-

Even if the  seat belt sign is flashing, he heads right for the pot!

Deplaning is truly another venture for us indeed-

We let all passengers depart then our suitcases we retrieve!

Upon entering the airport, he must never be let alone-

Even to use the restroom, out of it the wrong way, he will roam!