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I don’t always tell him what we’re doing, he just gets in a fret-

He will also ask me umpteen times,” are we there yet?”

He has his pj’s on all day even until noon-

Sometimes he doesn’t get dressed until the rising of the moon!

He plays with 7 nail clippers, he even plays with mine-

He keeps them in in his pj’s they are never left behind!

The things he does – they still really do surprise me-

I open his car door & he promptly sits behind me! (leaving the front door open?)

I was fixing dinner – making soup & garlic I did cut-

I turned to answer the phone & over the balcony he threw it like a nut?

I asked him to go to the porch & close the sliding door-

He went out the door, closed himself outside & then he did roar!

With his shaver he shaves many different parts-

Then wonders why – all clogged – it quits – yes, it’s got smarts!