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I feel like I’m in a bazaar play-

As I wake each morning to start the day!

I’m on automatic pilot, setting up breakfast at nine-

I try to sleep in knowing the day is not mine!

First I make his coffee in that ol’ dingy white pot-

Coffee-3 scoops, sugar-2 lumps, water-5 cups, heat until hot!

We have orange juice, cereal & Dan Active is a must-

Sometimes a chocolate croissant or a donut to bust!

Then there are his pills, his patch & eye drops-

One glass of water & the rest of the day he is tops! (sort of 🙂

When asked to use deodorant or to brush his teeth-

He “already did that” & to ask again, to him it is beneath!

Getting dressed is (very much) a challenge to him-

He tries to do it himself but sometimes back on go his PJ’s-

I guess on a whim?

He then goes out on the porch & on it he will sit-

We turn on the T.V. but he does not watch it.

The morning is complete, it’s almost time for lunch-

Except on Sundays when we go to church & than brunch!!