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I was waiting for my time but that’s not going to happen-

Instead, on most afternoons, you will find me a nappin’

I’ve become resigned to devoting my time to my mate-

So I won’t feel guilty if my time is up before his date!

It takes a lot of prayer, family & friends as my core-

I truly need all three to help me restore!

Without the Lord I would have left this earth long ago-

But I know He is my guide, instructor & He keeps me aglow!

My Lord would not give me more that I can endure-

He trusts me with more than I think I can do-that’s for sure!

I appreciate having Gary as a partner for as long as we can-

I would not want to be alone- it is not in my plan!

It is not my time to be free like a bird-

Now I don’t mind-I’ve really always been a home body nerd!!