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Take deep breaths, don’t argue & do softly speak-

Three things to remember when you’re at frustration’s peak!

Yoga, Zumba & taking walks in the park-

All recommended to keep one’s mind out of the dark!

Keeping a journal helps to get “things” off your chest-

It helps to put those “things” behind you, so you can rest!

A support group is a great help to relieve life’s pain-

You’ll find talking to other will keep you sane!

Please go to a support group for as long as you can-

A time will come when this option is not in your plan!

Family is imperative- if you are alone-please adopt one-

 Church members, friends, neighbors share your concerns until life is done.

Friends are a Godsend & will help more than you think-

That’s a true friend who to the world is your link!

All this advice will not comfort your soul-

Unless you’ve trusted in our Lord & He makes you whole!

He will carry you & your loved one through thick & thin-

Enabling you to do the very best for your kin!

The Lord will strengthen & hold you close by His side-

You just have to look to Him & in Him abide!!