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On our 50th anniversary we traveled our honeymoon route-

But arriving at one destination he would soon pout?

Yearning for the next stop we couldn’t get there fast enough-

We arrived at Crater Lake but where was Lake Tahoe he rebuffed!

When we are in Texas close by family-only two miles away-

He complains & hounds until to Miami we stray!

He sold our boat because it was only golf he wanted to play-

As soon as he sold the boat- he did not want golf in his day!

When he gets dressed he wants a shirt with no collar-

Several T-shirts we bought & they aren’t right so he will holler!

Pants are too big, too tight, too short or too long-

Belts are too wide, too tight, too loose or too strong!

Socks are a challenge- blue, tan, long, short, causes him to swear-

He ends up wearing white- ’cause that’s what Letterman wears!!

He likes to be at the Yacht Club but he wants to be on his boat-

He just forgets that he was no longer able to keep us afloat!!