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For us – no more artichokes, pistachios or stone crabs-

He’s forgotten how to unwrap them & he just grabs?

He loves candy & he cleans the whole bowl-

He leaves the last one for me- this very old soul!

Water,however,  I am unable to get him to drink-

Give him a Dr. Pepper & he wants it filled to the brink!

Hamburgers were always a favorite of his-especially with pork-

Now he eats the burger with his fingers & the bun with a fork!

I truly wonder where his taster has gone?

About his eating habits-I should write a song!

Tweedle dee dee tweedle dee dum-

From where oh where did these manners come from?

My Ol King Gary- a merry ol soul says he-

He calls for his pipe & he calls for his bowl-

But not his fiddlers 3 – just 24/7- yep he calls for me!