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He claims he’s a runner- it’s what he used to be-

Now he’s a walker & he can hardly see.

He’s run marathons in Dallas, Miami, New York & San Fran-

In ’84 he carried the Olympic Torch in Indy – what a man!

Now he walks 10 ft. behind me- at a very slow pace-

Sometimes so far behind me-I cannot see his face!

Steps are a problem-he stumbles on imaginary ones-

It’s best we take the elevator-easier when it runs!

He ran for 36 years through rain, snow & sleet-

Everyday before work-he was out working those feet!

He ran before running was the “in thing” to do-

He was so dedicated & determined & wore out many a shoe!

He set a running example for others to follow-

Encouraging potential runners their discouragement to swallow.

He kept himself in shape-not a pound did he gain-

And running was his prayer time- no it was not in vain!