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I’ve been cleaning toilets, sinks, carpets & showers

This life is anything but a bouquet of flowers!

Clorox is a wonder- it erases all things-

Even when one misses the toilet leaving rings!

I put on a mask & for the gloves I reach-

Grabbing cleaner-I wish our house was a beach!

Then I could let my mate go anywhere he pleases-

Spraying the sand for any moment he seizes!

Where is this leading- what can I do?

I’ve done this for years & I don’t have a clue!

I am resentful & bitter- I can’t seem to help it-

With my asthma & colitis I’m no longer fit!

The Lord leads me on-I can’t figure out why-

I would think He would give up- ’cause I no longer want to try.

He guides me & cares & keeps holding my hand-

How long can I do this – only with His mercy can I follow His plan!