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What a shock today I had-

It’s a fact that’s really sad.

I showed Gary a picture-his mind did stray-

Those people look familiar but who are they?

They are our children-they number four-

They have given us lots of love galore!

He just saw them -two weeks ago-

Celebrating his 75th-he was all aglow!

He seemed delighted to be with all of them-

Our grandchildren- they number not quite ten.

We celebrated his life – which is ebbing fast-

Physically fit but the memory will not last.

Today to me the stark truth is a shock-

I must face facts & be his rock.

Looking after his needs however I can-

Because he’s my husband- he’s my man.

This is the hardest poem I have ever written-

It’s taken me 3 hours & I’m not kidd’en!