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We are here to help others-treating people as brothers-

No matter who they are – a  friend or a foe-

Not considering their income- be it high or low.

What greater service can we be to our God-

Than to obey our Lord & give others a nod.

For pathfinders- our service-a question it is not-

Because we are caring for those who are now forgot.

It is the spirit in which we provide care-

With all of our heart we must be extremely fair!

Our charges are lost souls desperately finding their way-

Any help we provide makes it easier for their day.

Listen to your heart – the Lord will lead you on-

He has chosen you for this assignment-so keep on keeping on!

He has  entrusted you with a needy soul that needs HIM & you-

And He will do His work through your heart & through theirs too!

He will rescue you both- His perfect plan is in place-

“Til you both complete your assignment & see His radiant face!