Opposites attract & you are my mate-
Your glass always 1/2 full – that is your fate!
However 1/2 empty was always my cup-
But you made me feel I could fill it up!
You calmed me down when I was upset-
You held me, comforting, told me not to fret!
Now, however, when my cup feels drained dry-
You are not there to pat my tears when I cry.
You’re in your world-far now from me-
You’re oblivious to my tears-tears you don’t see.
When I feel down I don’t want to stay there-
My rescuer now-yes-to the Lord I go in prayer.
He is beside me- I just have to reach out-
I need to stop & listen-His words come in a shout!
Shape up, listen to your Savior- who cares for all-
Let go of that self reliance, reach to Jesus,He hears my call!
He is my Comforter, my Lord Divine-
He knows me well – He is my very own plumb line!