I think, yes, I do, that I might live in a zoo?
If you lived here – you would think that too!
Each morning give the meds & fix food for all souls-
WIpe up the mess then clean up the bowls!
Scrub down all areas & wipe them all clean-
Start the day fresh – it looks good on the scene!
We’re set for the day – or so I thought?
Until I check the souls areas & some are not!
No, not in their areas, now where did they go?
Find them real quick, yes, most move real slow!
Found one, now two, even found number three-
Just as I find one another goes free!
All day this goes on- it can drive a body mad-
But at last all are back- of this I’m real glad!
Yes, I put out fires, so to speak all day long-
Only through the Lord do I manage to stay strong!