I long for my mate that used to be-
All the things we shared & visions we’d see.
The rides in his TR2 when we were first dating-
The anticipation of our engagement which he was slating!
We both struggled going to college & working part time-
But when he graduated he thought he was in his prime!
Our first house was tiny & only $10,000 was its’ sale-
We had limited finances but that house could tell a tale!
The arrival of our 1st child was simply amazing we thought-
Then children 2,3, & 4 arrived & a bigger house we then sought!
His career soared beyond our wildest dreams-
He was so proud to be part of the the Eli Lilly Teams!
Our dream home we eventually did build-
On a lake in Indiana- we were truly thrilled!
Then came retirement & our children did leave home-
On their own they did so handsomely roam!
He wanted warm weather, so a condo in Florida we did buy-
And also a boat – it was the apple of his eye!
Then came the time to sell our home & boat-
Time to let go of those “things” – sad – nothing to sugar coat!
Now is the time of remembering & care taking-
Only with the Lord’s guidance can we continue in life’s making.