They are called “Memory Cafe’s” & that’s no joke-
A place where friendships might grow with many folk!
A place to chat & to not be afraid-
A place to have fun – sort of like an arcade!
Where no one would judge or evaluate anything you say-
Just where all could go & some could really play!
A place for the care receiver & pathfinder too-
We could be carefree for just a minute or two!
We could even play games or write down a thought-
Just to be around others whose battles are being fought.
We could exchange thoughts about what works for us-
Anything that would be helpful & not make a fuss!
Our loved ones could chatter about how strange we are-
Frustrating things – like not letting them drive a car!
A place of refuge from an unwanted stare-
Free to express our feelings in much need of repair.
Just a place where compassion & grace are at home-
A place where the Lord would be proud to roam!