Who am I – this person I’ve become?
I’ve always thought I was kinda’ dumb!
I’ve never paid bills, taxes, insurance or more-
Never purchased a condo, a car or T.V.’s galore!
Now I do the purchasing of all of our things-
With each day new challenges it surely brings!
I’ve never watched gas prices or a speedometer reading-
Now I know miles per gallon, even when speeding!
When we are at restaurants,he always paid the tab-
Now I sign my name & he is kind of sad.
Never looked to see how much to give as a tip-
Now at least 20% into my pocket I dip!
Never looked at a bank statement-even for a minute-
Now I check every line to make sure of our limit!
I never bothered to find out how anything worked-
Now I’ve put back together a razor without a quirk!
Computer & IPhones-electronics were not my concern-
Now I must keep up with the world, so we don’t get burned!
On planning vacations, quick jaunts or trips-
I now work out arrivals, departures & quips!
Who is this person that I have become?
I am hardly recognized to any but one-
My partner, my lover, my best friend in our zoo-
He’s the reason for my transformation-cause he’s not him too!
All of the above I’ve had slowly to learn-
For the Lord’s trust- it is for me to earn!