Am I single Mom – how can that be?
We’re in our 70’s – as one can plainly see!
What I do all day is the same-
As when we had small children & played a game!
I have purchased molding clay & crayons too-
Playing with these things is what he likes to do!
We tried to play dominoes but that didn’t work-
Instead he builds with them & that’s a perk!
He tries to draw & write his name-
But all of that turns out to be lame.
I fix his meals & clean up what he has spilled-
We go for short walks & he is thrilled!
He has temper tantrums & that is not good-
He knows better but does not do what he should.
I arrange play dates but now they accept pay-
They come & walk with him & sometimes stay.
I help him get dressed – he looks spiffy-
If he dress himself it’s not in a jiffy!
I put lotion on his arms & make sure he has his hat-
Phone, comb, glasses in his pockets -stuff like that-
Am I, yes, I am, truly a single Mom now-
Only through the Lord will I figure out how!!