I now live in cell #604-
Been there going on year # 4!
Why am I here-the fault is not mine-
All prisoners say that in their prime!!
Of course I have privileges in the yard-
Only if with me I take my guard!
We go to the doctor, CVS & the store-
No, we really don’t do much more!
I was sentenced about 10 years ago-
But only recently to my cell I did go!
Will I try to make an appeal?
Don’t think so, this is my fate & it’s real!
I cannot turn the tables on my guard-
Because for him to think is now very hard.
In heaven we’ll meet as our former selves-
Renewing our happy days -like joyful elves!
Just which one of us will get there first?
Only the Lord knows- but today I’m about to burst!!