I try to keep holidaze the way they used to be-
But it’s just not the same between you and me.
I love the outdoor lights but it’s a lot for me to do-
All the sparkles & glitter make it Christmas for us two!
The tree decorating has always been fun for both of us-
If ornaments are on top of ornaments-no, we don’t make a fuss!
I usually do the wrapping & buy my own gift too-
I always act surprised- oh foo, oh foo, oh foo!
Now I shop for Christmas, with my shadow ever so near-
He moves ever so slowly lost in the crowd I fear!
We go to dinner parties & he tries to converse at the table-
But often his manners, do indeed, belong in a horses stable!
I bake the candy & cookies, that is usually my fate-
Now they get crushed & nibbled & put back on the plate!
With the family we belong, they accept us both as is-
The season is the reason, we are blessed by our Lord – we are HIS!!