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I’m a prisoner in my own home-

Because from there I cannot roam!

Unless with my mate I do stray-

He has to be with me everyday!

Even if it’s a cup of sugar I need-

We both go to the store to do the deed!!!

Together we rise & get dressed-

All day long togetherness is a test!!

We finish dinner, all day I have been a nurse-

He won’t get  in bed unless I’m there first!

He gets up 2 or 3 times a night-

If I don’t, I clean the floor in the morning light!

This isn’t fun – no one said it would be-

When your life turns from me to we!

No privacy, no time for yourself-

My life is on hold-I’m on the shelf!

Speak softly, take deep breaths,don’t argue – I tell another-

Because one of these days you might be caring for your mother!!

No this isn’t what we planned but I have to stay strong-

While living this life I must try to do no wrong.

Caring for him is my life’s final fling-

Over the years much happiness to me he did bring!!