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I’m Alice in Wonderland – now where have I gone?

I dropped down the rabbit hole just about dawn!

We start each day much like the one before-

Throughout the day, we’re meeting fantasies galore!

As Alice, I follow the White Rabbit all around town-

Sometimes he reminds me of the Cheshire Cat wearing a frown!

He teeters between being a man & a boy-

Believing that life is only full of all kinds of toys!

If he finds bottles, from them he will partake-

Making him smaller or he becomes big by eating a cake!

He converses with imaginary friends such as the Cheshire Cat-

He often talks to them about his Dad – how ’bout that!

Sometimes he can appear as the Knave of Hearts-

Looking for a snack such as the Queens tarts!

Following  White Rabbit to the court of the Queen-

Spying him, she says “Off with his head” he is so mean!

All curious happenings go away at the end of the day-

As we enjoy our cup of Mad Hatter Tea & go on our way!