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I open the front car door but you get in the back-

Please stay with the grocery cart, but you take off like a yak!

In the movies most folks sit in a seat-

But you insist on sitting on the steps by my feet?

When looking for the shower – in the closet you are found-

Trying to hang up your shirt – to the shower you are bound?

When heading for the kitchen in the bedroom we find you-

Cursing that there is no sink & that will not do!

In getting dressed you keep putting your PJ’s back on-

You try to put your shirt on your legs-now that’s a real con!

Your doctor asked you to try to roll over like – Rover-

You kicked at her & the exam was quickly over!

You try to connect the dots even when you are mistaken-

Just ask you – you are perfect-it’s the world that needs to be awakened!!