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I must adjust to each new day-

It’s not up to you-I must show you the way.

Routine is the heart of all that you do-

The only changes necessary are what you pursue.

You like the same breakfast to start each morning-

Cereal, orange juice, coffee-yep-to me boring!

You walk the same route in the same places-

Taking in all the sites, covering all the same bases.

Sitting on the porch looking out over the ocean-

Same chair each day watching the waves in motion.

You don’t like to do errands & running in & out-

But if I left you at home you would just pout!

You won’t stay at home with a hired friend-

Your home is your castle & it you will defend!

Sooo we do errands one day a week-

I go as fast as I can so you won’t harshly speak.

You want things the way that they used to be-

Change is not in your vocabulary & that includes me!

I try to adjust but it isn’t much fun-

To always be with someone who complains a ton!