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There are but a few things he is no longer capable of-

But his disposition now is more like a dove?

His biggest problem is that he cannot see-

His vision is not even close to 20/20!

He cannot see what he is doing or where he might be-

Including walking,dressing, eating, spitting or where he might pee!

His words are a jumble, he can hardly converse-

Sometimes he must be thinking in reverse!

It is a battle to take him to any doctor-

He thinks he knows it all & he is the proctor!

On his left arm he leans while at the table-

Trying real hard just to keep his body stable.

I trim his toenails & cut the meat on his plate-

To what do I owe this distinguished fate??

He also does not want to take a shower-

It is a test to see who has the power!

He goes to bed in eye glasses, shoes, undies & a hat-

No persuading away his clutched extra glasses case & that is that!

He shreds tissue & leaves a snowflake trail all over the floor-

Our condo would be a “0” on any housekeeping score!

He does not know where the kitchen, bedroom or bath is-

Nor when sitting does he find the chair that is his.

He no longer ares about carrying a hanky or purse-

A phone is complicated to him-it just makes things worse!

If he does a nasty  – it he just denies –

So much to handle- it gives me the sighs!

(this was given to his Neurologist & Primary care doctor)