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What is my job- there are so many-

An accountant of course to save every penny!

A chef I am – I’ve always enjoyed it-

Whatever I fix my mate eats every bit!

As valet I help him with his clothes-

Otherwise- same daily outfit-hard on another’s nose!

Making sure he walks as personal trainer is my duty-

Sometimes he walks & other times he doesn’t give a hooty!

When it comes to cleaning I try to hire it out-

However daily cleanups are mine & then I pout!

As far as meds – a pharmacist I am not-

I distribute our pills & maybe it should be pot!?

As concierge I plan all of our outings-

With me as the driver we get there without any doubtings!

I’m Tim the Toolman, Nurse Ratchet & Bob the Builder – rolled into one-

I repair shavers, shoes, pump toilets & fix computers for fun

As hygienist & laundress I try to do my best-

At the end of the day – yes – I do need a rest!

The day is OK if a crisis doesn’t arise-

I need our Lord by my side to try to keep me wise!!!!