Others think our life is normal – well, it is not-

We get through the day giving it everything we’ve got!

He is frustrated, unhappy & he lets me know it all day-

It is through this game that we continuously play!

It starts with his complaining all day long-

Where would I be if the Lord did not keep me strong?

Nothing is right no matter what we do-

Whatever we do he is always in a stew!

I call it incessant hounding- he wants me to make things right-

But try as I may it just ends up in a fight.

Find it, fix it, do this for me right now-

As for me – I try but I don’t know how?

All day long it goes on day after day-

I truly don’t know what makes me stay!

Except when we married I did make a vow-

For better or worse, in sickness & health – I’ll honor it now.