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It was a prescription & it kept his anger away-

But as time went on, his anger, stayed & stayed.

He complained & incessantly hounded all day-

Never happy at all – come what may.

He scratched his arms & made them bleed-

Like he was desperately trying to plant a seed!

He bit his fingers & all his nails too-

Fingers sometimes trimmed, but always in a stew!

He picked his teeth & rubbed his eyes-

He couldn’t sit still – no not very wise!

No longer prescribed & that’s just fine-

I’m not running to the drug store with scripts to sign!

He still has anger but smiles a bit-

I find him talking to the Lord while he sits.

Arms healing & fingers are not as much in his mouth-

But he still makes it known – he wants to go South!

Teeth now hold on to fillings- no they no longer come out–

Eyes not red & face in only sort of a pout.

Yes, it worked for a while, it accomplished it’s deed-

But I’m sure glad that he is no longer in its need!