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I miss the way things used to be-

The fun, the events, the people we would see.

Trips to visit our children & grandchildren I miss-

Just to be with them & give them a big kiss!

The dinner parties at our dining room table-

The conversations the laughter when we were able!

The boating with friends to Key West we did take-

Exploring on our own, yes, mistakes we did make!

The New Years parties we always looked forward to-

Dressing up in style, for both me and you!

The fund raising, the volunteering were all part of our day-

We were truly involved & we made time to play!

Projects galore always kept  us  busy, busy-

Sometimes too much to do would make us dizzy!

Years have passed & it’s time to find a new path-

I hardly recognize our lives with this new assignment we hath!