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Changing the sheets is a lot of work-

Sometimes they make me feel like a real jerk!

Tugging & pulling off all those covers-

Just like all of the other Mothers!

Gather them up & off they go-

Into the washer – what a show!

The dryer buzzes – I love that sound?

Into the laundry room I do bound!

Back on the bed with a lot of pull & tug-

Don’t want to find any a bed bug!

On with the top sheet, blanket & duvet-

Looks pretty good even if I do say!

Now those pillow cases they number 6-

Three for me & my mate, I fix!

Fluff them all up – now doesn’t that look nice-

I wonder if a love story they will entice?

Secrets under bed covers are always kep-

What happens in the bed stays undercover – that’s only hep!