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His memories are taking him back to when he was nine-

I am a little sad that they don’t include mine.

He talks about Utah & fishing with his Dad-

He speaks about a Granddad that he never had?

He sees a train out of many windows we see-

Going over imaginary mountains between you & me.

He refers to the Mormons – his Dad did belong-

And the feud, his Mother a Baptist, apparently very strong!

There are his impressions when he was a boy-

He now amuses himself with remembering a toy.

He carries a purse with his treasurers inside-

A comb, 2 wallets, clippers & pictures he does hide.

He won’t let go of his extra glasses in the case-

He carries & sleeps with them, they always have a place!

His habits have changed, no doubt about that-

I love him like he is no dispute ’bout ‘dat!!