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A vulture- a beautiful creature – no it’s not-

What do you think – I’m smoking pot?

They truly are awesome & graceful while soaring-

Gliding on the air waves no they are’t boring!

The seem to like flying alone, sometimes in a flock-

They are surveying the landscape- inspecting the dock?

They glide past our condo spying on our porch-

Wonder who lives there- are those snacks or a torch?

The breezier the better – how they play with the wind-

Never held back only to each other do they tend.

Not as high as the airplanes – but barely above the earth-

They are the masters of the sky- clearly their own turf!

Early in the morning they play in the sky-

And with the setting sun do they obediently fly!

They settle down in the trees, all comfy in their space-

Til’ dawn arrives, then again in the sky,  take their place!