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We’ve been tanning ourselves for eons & years-

Trying to look darker, through burning & tears!

We permed  our hair – we wanted it curly-

Their hair was always a lil’ twirly!

Then rap music we did readily adopt-

It was so awesome we didn’t want it to stop!

Hoop earrings we were soon to ourselves adorn-

The N.G. magazine showed us how they were worn!

Tattoos on our bodies & rings in our nose-

Copying the others is now something we chose!

We’ve expanded our bust line beyond recollection-

To look like the women of darker complexion!

We’ve lowered our pants down below our hips-

And inflated & very much pumped up our lips!

Now we’re enlarging our fannies to round & plump-

Apparently the bigger the better is to be our rump!

We’ve copied, imitated, duplicated & cajoled-

That is the best compliment – if it was just to be told!!