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I have to start letting go-

No matter how very slow.

It is the only way I am to survive-

In making sure we do stay alive.

I went grocery shopping alone today-

In the store I wanted to stay & stay!

I was almost giddy while shopping alone-

I didn’t even answer my phone!

No one bumping my behind with the cart-

No one yelling my name – where are thou art?

I took my time I was not rushed-

I took deep breaths & almost blushed!

I made time to chat with a friend-

I did not want my time to end.

Now it’s time to pick him up-

He lunched with a friend & they did sup!

This lil adventure is ended for the day-

It was so lovely – freeing in a way.

The Lord is always my first responder-

With His help – after 12 years- of my time I am growing fonder!!!!