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I live in a courtroom, it is my fate-

With each sentence uttered we do debate.

I mention it’s a nice day – (reply) “it is cold & will rain”

You seem good today-“I think I have a pain.”

Would you like to go for a walk?

“All you do is talk, talk, talk,”

Let’s go for a walk – what a perfect day-

“No one walks fast enough – behind me they stay”

Drink some water – it is good for you-

“I don’t need it that’s just for you.”

Lets have a shower, you”ll be fresh & clean-

“I don’t have to shower”,yes, he’s kinda mean!

Change your undies – that’s what we all do-

“No, I don’t need to, mine are brand new.”

Wash your hands, at least before you eat-

“I don’t want to” – right – they are no cleaner than your feet!

Listen to reason? no, – only one person committed the crime-

And that is me – the defendant – the crime is all mine!!