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They keep me busy – yes – out of trouble too-

When I desperately need something to do!

I keep my fingers moving, tiny pieces to hold-

Placing them in order, soon a picture to behold!

I have to concentrate in order to complete it –

That’s good for me to think just a lil’ bit!

I run my hands over the finished picture so smooth-

It makes me feel good, sort of in the grove!

500  – 750 pieces are now my limit-

Maybe I’ll graduate to 1000 & do it in a minute?

We stay at home where surroundings are familiar-

It is easier for my mate when each day is similar!

I like happy puzzles – encouraging & light-

It is uplifting, with positive thoughts in sight!

It’s my little project & keeps me on the ball-

Sometimes when I think I have just hit the wall!!!