A big hole is created when you miss someone dear-

It’s almost as if you’re continually filled with fear.

Afraid to admit how much they are missed-

Waiting for them to return & wanting to be kissed.

When that special person has left on their own-

It’s hard to accept but they can be contacted by phone!

When they are taken to be with the Lord up above-

That big hole stays longer but it is filled with love.

But when they depart from you a little each day-

That big hole is torn just every which way.

The healing will come but ever so slowly-

The hole becomes smaller but makes you feel lonely.

Our Lord is the healer, He’s with you all the way-

He’s got your back & with you He will stay!!

Stay with you He will, just listen for His voice-

Yes, He will open new doors but it is your choice!