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I’m so very tired, I can hardly move-

Guess I’m truly not in the groove.

Every day is the same as the one before-

Everything to do for him is now a chore.

He does feed himself but that’s about it-

Everything else is up to me to keep us fit.

I fix breakfast, then rest on the couch – not right-

Because he wakes me 5-6 times a night.

This is becoming overwhelming you see-

How long can I do this trying to keep him with me.

I’ve prayed & asked for the Lords help with us –

I try not to ask for help but its becoming a must!

All day he is silent & speaks not a word-

When he does speak – no sense have I heard.

Silently, quietly he is slipping away-

This awful disease is taking him day by day.

Please give me strength to keep on , keeping on-

I definitely need the Lord’s shoulder to rest upon.