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Nothing is right- don’t even ask-

Now he’s always taking me to task.

It starts in the morning  & lasts all day-

Until evening comes & down he will lay.

He lets me know how unhappy he must be-

He truly has trouble just trying to see.

Frustrated, angry, stubborn all rolled into one-

He is difficult to live with as each day does come.

No, I haven’t given up  – I am trying to make peace-

As each day his true self he is trying to release.

We’ll work together as we have always done-

Until one of us no longer sees the rising sun.

Only the Lord knows when we have had enough-

Only with His help can we put up with all this “stuff.”

We’ve tried playing music & given rides in the car-

We’ve had walks in the park & dipped our feet in the sandbar!

To his favorite “Dairy Queen” we go 20 miles away-

He always loved it – but not today!

We’ve gone on boat rides, theatre, etc & that makes him worse-

He just gets angry or sulks & then he will curse!

He wants to be with the “guys” & talk of ol’ times-

He will talk on the phone if it’s not on his dimes.

He won’t walk/run with a gal – not for a minute-

But he will give a waitress a squeeze – there is no limit!

He is perplexing & frustrating to those of us near-

Please Lord hold him close so he has no fear.