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Our Granddaughters came to help, they were so great-

Now I’m left spoiled & left to my fate.

Back to doing the daily clean up of he-

Reluctantly to do what is expected of me-

He yells & carries on beyond my control-

Our Granddaughters challenged him down to his soul!

They were so good at taking care of him-

They did it so efficiently, just like a whim!

I miss them already,  they have barely gone-

They were our angels for months every dawn!

Sent by our Lord when I cried for a friend-

He sent us Granddaughters, our lives to defend!

Thank you for their time & caring so true-

They were great helpers for me and you!

Please give me the strength to keep on keeping on-

I’m spoiled rotten & it’s my mate I’m to con.

It is truly a game today we often play-

Just getting through the muddle of each day.

I’m thankful for the help our Granddaughters provided-

Please Lord, now, only with your help will we be guided!