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I feel like I’m out of this world-

Much like an odd piece of wood that is burled!

I’ve given up all except caring for him-

Sometimes I would rather sink than swim!

I try to do right by him but he argues instead-

Seems to really enjoy getting into my head!

Today to the dentist he was suppose to go-

He has a dislodged filling which will be his foe!

Instead he chose to argue and cuss-

No we didn’t go & I made a big fuss!

It does not matter what I do or say-

He does what he wants much to my dismay!

No more movies,restaurants or even rides in the car-

Plane travel is a must but each time leaves a scar.

Dear Lord, tell me please what I’m to do-

Our world is so small, I’m glad we have YOU!

I don’t know how anyone copes with these feelings that lure-

Unless we have our Lord by our side to endure!!!!!!!