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Is it time? What should I do?

This is becoming more that I can pursue!

I’m 73 & I’m really worn out-

I wish I could be like him & sit & pout!

Taking care of a virtual toddler who is 76-

All day I just keep pulling out my bag of tricks!

I can’t send him to time out – he won’t go to bed-

How can I get relief & lay down my head?

I try to get help & he tells them to leave-

To my side he seems to always cleave!

Do I send him away so he’s not by my side?

What is best for him now – the Lord is my Guide.

I would probably still be taking care of his need-

Over there each day making sure him they did heed.

That is not my plan, I can’t bare to let him go-

Guess I’m being selfish, I still can’t tell him no!

I’ll keep on keeping on, as I promised I would-

Not listening to others, doing what they think I should.

What to do, what to do – I pray the Lord will instruct me-

If I just carefully listen & follow the direction from HE!!