(notes from Dr. John McKellar ‘s sermon, 5/17/15)

“I’m sorry” is so hard for some of us to say-

But if unsaid it leads to lies & denials at the end of the day!

Why are those words so difficult to admit?

We stumble to say them – creating in our tummy a pit!

We make mistakes we do or say something dumb-

We could humble ourselves by not staying mum!

Love & forgiveness make a relationship strong-

It is so simple to just admit we are wrong!

“Love means not having to say, I’m sorry” – someone said-

They were wrong –  not true-only to hurt has that led!

We stammer & have trouble getting those words out-

However, when said, our offendees no longer pout!

Saying we’re sorry is saying I value & cherish another-

I want to mend fences & treat you like a brother!

Saying “I’m sorry” must be God-like & said most sincere-

Not, I have to say it because I got caught & want to be cleared!

Our words are to be followed by action – correcting the wrong-

Sincere words only begin to show our hearts true song!

Through action we complete our honest feelings from our heart-

By actually showing we care – now that’s a real start!

We should remember, life is not always about me-

Saying “I’m sorry” shows what a relationship should be.

Relationships depend on relying on each other-

Like a redwood tree’s shallow roots holding on like a Mother!

Storms, floods & fires threaten each 3000 year old tree-

Their strength is in their connecting roots, just like you & me!

Most important, to our Lord, His forgiveness we are to seek first-

It is His strength for which we are to depend on & thirst!

Just remember  – it is our Lord that is our Guiding Light-

And also – the right relationship is more important that being right!!!!