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We are all misfits at one time or another-

Thinking we are only loved by our Mother!

“Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” we just watched-

Rudolph thinks his nose makes everything botched!

When he realizes he can’t run away from his trouble-

He finds out he doesn’t want to be someone elses double!

In helping others he forgets about his imagined fear-

In searching his heart & caring for those he holds dear.

He wants to be him just as he is-

Unique & carefully designed by our Lord – he is all His!

In finding that the Lord’s gift to him was just right-

He saved Christmas Eve as the star of the  night!

We too can find our Lord’s gift to us-

It just takes faith & prayer & trust!

No need to feel alone by not fitting in-

Ask our Lord what His gift is to you & you’ll always win!

(Pollyanna poem? – not really)