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He is doing unspeakable things – how much can I take?

With each day I’m cleaning up the messes he does make.

It is daily, hourly, I truly cannot keep up-

Even his coffee he does spill from his cup!

The floors are in shambles, if it’s not one thing it’s another-

Oh, how I wish this disease did not come from his Mother.

He is not him , no not by any degree-

He would not do these things if he were he.

This is not his dignified self – not by any measure-

He has been the guy who loved all kinds of pleasure!

Now he is someone with whom  I cannot keep up-

He brings tears to my eyes & I don’t want to give up.

I called his doctor & asked what should I do?

He said  I need help- he’s no longer the man you once knew.

He does not like to have strangers about-

He yells & carries on & tells them to get out.

He leaves if a woman tries to take care of him-

A guy he challenges & leaves him out on a limb!

Where does this leave me, again, what should I do?

We are now living in a lively unorthodox zoo!!!