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I’m looking out the window of my eye-

Our world is small now – the world is passing us by.

There is little that we do staying home most of the day-

Watching others working, parenting – on weekends they play!

Play like we use to with our babies four-

What a wonderful time we couldn’t ask for more!

Now is our time to take care of each other-

Except I’m still the one who acts like a Mother!

I used to resent & bitterly gave up what I used to do-

But now I can see what the Lord’s assignment is for you.

You are my charge in almost every way every day-

80% of what you do is for me to pave the way.

I ask myself what would I rather be doing?

After 12 years years of pathfinding I’m no longer stewing.

This is what I have accepted as my fate-

Caring for, pathfinding for my beloved mate.

As I’ve said before & I’ll say it again-

Only with our Lord will our life we win!